Water - the source of life!

The water with high content of mineral substances is common known as „hard water“. Under this name, the high valuable water, containing essential mineral substances, aquired a bad reputation. Nevertheless, the trace elements and generally these particular mineral substances, including especially calcium and magnesium carbonates, are the irreplaceable wall stones of the living nature.

Unfortunately, calcium salts (in particular carbonate) have the unpleasant property to crystallize out and calcify the pipelines and appliances in household or in sanitary sector. The most usually response is the water treatment by use of chemical agents. But there is a well-tried intelligent alternative: the ESW - Magnetic system for water treatment.

This method of the future does not use any chemical reactions, but works only on physical basis. The ions of dissolved carbonate are influenced by a strong magnetic field. The magnetization is the cause of a change in the water condition - the chemical composition of water remains unchanged and the vital mineral substances remain in the water, but the carbonates do not settle more in the installations and do not foul more the water distribution system.