ESW - Magnetic Device for Water Treatment

A Physical Way to Prevent Scale Instruction

ESW - Magnetic Device for Water Treatment (thereafter „ESW - Magnet“ only) is a product adapted to the demands of modern life and residing. On these web pages the relations between different aspects of household water appliances, the water quality and the water treatment will be presented. We suppose, that some of the readers will be here acquainted with entirely new problems whereas other readers know about the relations at least in general outline or even have extensive knowledge of this matter.

These web pages ought to present an overview, which enables to all readers to make sound decision on the usefulness of the described system. If you need further information, please do not hesitate and contact us or contact our sales partners, who are able to help you too.

In case you come to the conclusion you would like to fit out your water installations with an environmentally friendly, modern and innovative product, we are ready to answer your requirements. Even now we can recommend you a not binding 30-days test, which convinces you of the suitability of the ESW - magnetic device more than thousand words.