The function of the ESW-Magnet

How does the ESW - magnetic device work?

The ESW - Magnet is in fact a physical system, which prevents calcification. It helps to protect your water installations and household appliances from scale formation without using chemical agents and without energy supply. By the influence of magnetic fields on running water, the crystal form of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is changed. Instead of the sharp edged crystals (calcite - form), which stick tightly on the walls and form layers, scales and incrustations, in case of magnetic treatment the carbonate is crystallizing in the free liquid and is forming rounded crystals (aragonite-like form), which can be simply rinse out from the tubes with water. Sometimes a thin protective layer on the internal walls of tubes can be composed, but there is no fear of a further incrustation on the tube’s inner side. The application of the ESW - magnetic system for water treatment avoids the progressive incrustation and in many cases, gradual degradation of already developed scale was observed.

The original calcium carbonate crystals (calcite)
The original calcium carbonate crystals (calcite)
The calcium carbonate crystals after the water treatment (aragonite type)
The calcium carbonate crystals after the water treatment (aragonite type)

You can simply test the efficiency of the device yourself:

Make a not binding 30-days test with the aid of following experiments:


Before starting the test remove completely all sediments from the water taps, shower parts, boilers etc. Check repeatedly, whether new hard spots or layers appear during next 30 days. You will discover that only easy removable „water spots“ has been emerged there.

2. Let evaporate water from a pot. The „lime“ residue on the bottom of the pot can be easily removed by aid of a sponge.

3. Omit some days the usual cleaning of a chosen part of the shower cabinet (wall) or of the tiles. The dry „lime“ remains can be easily removed by wiping with a wet cloth or using just a drop of environmentally friendly soft cleaner eventually.

4. Dose the washing agents (detergents) in your dishwasher or washing machine according to the manual data for soft water. Let persuade yourself by the results of the rinsing or washing.

5. Use henceforth environmentally friendly cleaners only. You will reach the same proper results, as before, only the time that you need for cleaning (e.g. the bathroom) will be visibly shorter.

In spite of the change of the physical properties, the ESW - Magnet does not remove any present chemical components from the water. Therefore, the result of the chemical test to water hardness (the sum of results of calcium and magnesium determination as carbonates) will be uchanged.

What does characterize the ESW - Magnet as a system for furring prevention, and, first and foremost, a system for the future?

No power consumption, no chemistry, no operating expenses.

ESW-Magnet is an innovative and intelligent system to solve the problem of calcification. Naturally at the same time the ESW - Magnet answers the standards of the modern technology. The product is certified (ISO 9002) and this also may show the responsible approach to natural resources.