ESW - Magnetic Device for Water Treatment

Do you know this?

When you have got hard water, you will know and fear this problem:

Calcified pipelines necessitate expensive repairs, calcified appliances in the sanitary sector and drying marks on tiles and fittings can only be cleaned heavily by means of chemical cleaning agents...

...and calcified coffee machines demand a lot of patience when cooking coffee.


Many people believe that hard water is unhealthy.

This is a mistake! On the contrary, lime consists for the most part of calcium and magnesium. These are vital minerals, which the human organism needs and cannot create by itself. Unfortunately, hard water also has the already mentioned unpleasant “side-effects”, such as furring, which considerably reduce the life expectancy of water installations. However, to decalcify the water (as it is done, for example, with ion exchangers) would mean “to empty the baby out with the bath”, because you then give away valuable minerals.


The principle

Apart from other minerals, water also contains Calcium- and Magnesium salts, which often settle in water lines as a hard layer (mainly calcium carbonate) and leave persistent drying marks on fittings, tiles etc.

For the most part, this happens in case of water with a high mineral content, because the dissolved calcium and magnesium carbonate results in a solution which is supersaturated by minerals. These “surplus” minerals make an effort to crystallise out. For this purpose, so-called initial nuclei are necessary. However, they cannot develop, because the lime molecules are enclosed by hydrate covers (water-molecule clusters).

As a result, the minerals can only crystallise out at the inner walls of the water lines. The carbonate, which sticks here tightly, develops a ramified form, where the lime can settle layer by layer. In the magnetic field of the ESW-Lime Water Magnet the water molecule clusters are opened and thus, initial nuclei are built.

Whereas at the chemical treatment with so-called ion exchangers the magnesium and calcium salts are mostly exchanged by sodium salts, the composition of the water remains unchanged at the magnetic treatment by the ESW-Lime Water Magnet. The essential minerals continue to stay in the water - only the crystalline form of the lime is changed.

In the developing magnetic field, the water flows in a “dynamised” way. Thus, the calcium and magnesium carbonate can crystallise out in the free liquid in a different way as usual - they built a soft form (Aragonite), which does not settle in the installations and can be removed from the fittings and tiles without any problems even after having dried.

The product

Drying marks can be wiped away without any problems!

No calcified pipelines!

Protects your household appliances!

Renders aggressive and chemical cleaning agents superfluous!

The EWS-Lime Water Magnet changes the shape of the lime crystals in the water by the influence of magnetic fields.

The original calcium carbonate crystals (calcite)
The original calcium carbonate crystals (calcite)
The calcium carbonate crystals after the water treatment (aragonite type)
The calcium carbonate crystals after the water treatment (aragonite type)

The installation of the Lime Water Magnet:

Simply screw it on the line, and that’s it!

You do not need any tools!

No opening of the lines!


The 30-days test

You buy the ESW Lime magnet without any risk, because you can test it for 30 days! Should you not be satisfied with the results, you simply return it.