The problems of calcification

The incrustations in the water distribution systems and household appliances belong undoubtedly to the most unpleasant „side-effects“ of hard water.

Almost everybody knows the problem of drying marks and lime spots on tiles, shower cabinets, fittings, glasses. Although this type of sediment is unpleasant, it is not dangerous.With the help of heavy duty cleaners and intensive rubbing the scales can be removed; even the original shine can be restored, of course on condition that the chemical agent was not too aggressive and the mechanical scrubbing too extreme, this making the surface of the cleaned things matt. Much worse than these visible spots are the invisible sediments, which are arising unavoidably. In the course of years, the water pipelines become obstructed and the heating elements are coated with a dick and hard layer. Than the heating elements often get overheated and burn out.

The sediments in your household appliances can be usually removed by repeated use of appropriate scale solvents. On condition, the parts (e.g. the heating elements) of the appliance are hereby not damaged, the lifetime will be prolonged. The disadvantage of this method is the unnecessary and heavy contamination on the environment. Moreover, the repeated and increased doses of special cleaning and washing agents may form a significant item in your family budget.

At the treatment by ESW - Magnet you will be able to solve the problems in an intelligent manner and permanently.